What is the Size of Queen Mattress?

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Size of queen mattress

In addition to the comfortability level, another very significant facet of the mattress affects the size of your preference. The critical determinants leading to the ultimate objective of a good night’s sleep are having the right size mattress. Choosing the best size of a queen mattress from various options is not easy when searching for a new bed, especially if you have different categories in some categories. With so little variation in the proportions of specific sizes, it becomes a challenge to get the correct match for yourself.

Choosing the perfect mattress size:

When searching for the perfect mattress size, the size of your bed, the budget for buying a mattress is primary considerations. For many households, however, the most common choice is a Queen Size mattress with the size of (60′ x 80′). In a master bedroom at least 10 x 10 square feet, the most common mattress size on the market, the size of queen mattress, suits best. At 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, the queen provides couples or people who like to have extra room to move around in bed with plenty of space. A better queen-sized mattress helps this person enjoy unforgettable relaxation and the ultimate sleep experience for all sleepers.

Size and dimension guide:

Size of Queen Mattress Sizes and Dimensions are 60″ X 80″ | 152 X 203.5cm

Recommended minimum space size:

The recommended minimum space size of a queen mattress is 10 feet by 10 feet, for couples who do not need too much room, a queen-sized mattress as standard, or for one person who prefers additional space to stretch out a whole body while sleeping. The regular queen size is preferable for partners because it is a  decent bed for the giant size room that can be your guest room or maybe your master room, fitting extra sleepers comfortably in the house for some time. Because of its standard size, it can be used at any place comfortably.

Size Styling of Different sizes of queen mattress:

The queen size mattress also comes in. The queen size is divided into two separate halves in this design that helps the couple select the mattress of their preference individually to have a mattress tailored to their personal preferences when sharing the bed. Beyond individual opinion, before choosing a mattress size, there is a range of considerations to consider. You’ll want to think about the size of your bedroom, who you’re going to share your bed with, and the space available.

A queen mattress’s size should be such that it suits perfectly because the queen size mattress is not as wise as a king, but it still gives couples or even singles who need extra sleeping space plenty of room. You may have learned that a queen size mattress is the same as two twin beds next to each other, but a queen is five inches longer. It’s spacious but lightweight. In most rooms, from a tiny spare bedroom to a master bedroom, it will match.

Why Choose Split Queen Adjustable Bed?

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It has become so easy to transform your bedroom into the most used room with split queen adjustable bed. Now you can enjoy your lifestyle with various benefits of your house furniture. The split queen bed is one of those types of furniture which not only increase the beauty of your house but also make your life easy.

A split queen adjustable bed is made with 2 different size bases, one is of 30″ wide and other is 80″ long. They can be used separately as well as side by side to make a queen-size bed. There are many reasons to choose a Queen-size adjustable bed. First, it gives us the leisure of moving, as it is so easy to move your bed from one place to another. One more thing that is best about this bed is that it allows use it as an individual or if you are having a shortage of space then it is very useful. It is the top choice for older people. If sometimes you change your home, and you come up with a lack of space, then you can split it easily.

Adjustable Legs

If we look towards the base of split queen adjustable bed, then, in most of the models, base some with a standard height of 15 inches. This is the length from the ground to the top of the base but in some new models, you can see adjustable legs which helps you to vary the height of the base.

Massage Capability

Another best thing about this bed is that it gives you the capability of massage. Several models give you massage capability, but it is important to keep in mind that not all the models give you same selection, some models may have high massage intensities and different types of massage as compared to others.


In some models of split queen adjustable bed, bases have wall-hugger as well.


As we all know that nowadays everything is going towards the digital system. Similarly, this bed is also made by keeping this thing in mind. This feature makes this bed most favourite for people is that it has Bluetooth control ability, which means that you have all the access to your bed in your hands by using your cell phone.

Independent Movement

As mentioned above that this bed comes with 2 separate pieces that are of 30″*80.” It is not necessary to move both of the parts simultaneously. You can move both parts separately, it’s totally up to you that how you want to move this bed.

Return Policy

Right now there is no such policy to return the bed. Its reason is that it is too costly to ship it to other countries, but in case of damage during shipping, it can be replaced. But on the change of mind, it cannot be returned. Split Queen adjustable bed provides you with the best lifestyle. Today is such a hectic life, people want to fresh their mind by taking a good nap, nobody he wants to compromise on their sleep, so split queen bed is considered as one of the best bed with multiple features for couples

Having trouble in sleeping with lower back pain? Here the fix.

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Many people lose their sleep due to lower back pain. You need to try to make yourself calm and do somethings to keep your lower back comfortable for sound sleep. These things include so many things such as soothing tea, good music, good lights, and more to make you sleep all the time. Also, you need to avoid so many things that include coffee, work on the bed and so many other things. These dos and don’ts will make your sleep and then change your sleeping habits as well. In this post, we will share some techniques with you to get rid of your lower back pain.

Practice belly breathing: You need to make sure that you are breathing in the right way during your sleep and belly breathing is one of the things you need to learn as well as practice. While breathing makes sure your belly moves when you inhale and exhale. This movement will keep your temperature in control and you will never feel over-warm during sleeping. This is one of the best fixes to get rid of the lower back pain because when you practice belly breath your back will feel less pressure.

Choose the right mattress: Always make sure that you have the right mattress to get rid of your back pain. You need to consider your sleeping habits to select the best mattress for your lower back. For this, you can research well for the selection of the right mattress. A wrong mattress will do nothing but enhance the back pain to a high level which will never let you sleep.

Breath from Nose: If your nose is jammed then try to reopen your nose and always breathe from the nose. If you breathe from the mouth then there is a risk to get the germs in along with the air. These germs will make you unhealthy and cause you to get into the trap of infection. Take the required medicine to get rid of the clogged nose. This will also help you get rid of snoring. Without snoring your partner will also sleep well. You can also research the organic methods to get rid of the blocked nose and also keep practicing to breathe from the nose.

Sleeping position: Sleeping position matters to a high extent to let you sleep with the back pain. If your sleeping position is not right then your back pain will get worse by passing time. So give importance to the sleeping position. Talk to the expert to know the right position to sleep to get relief from the lower back pain.


You need to make sure that you follow all the tips mentioned above for sound sleep during the lower back pain. You need to buy the best mattress for lower back pain. These tips will not only give your relief for a particular time but also help you to get rid of it for a permanent time. You can share your comments with us as well so that we can understand what you need and also we welcome feedbacks for this article. 

Why memory form mattresses are the best selling mattresses in the world?

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Memory foam mattresses are the best selling mattresses in the world just because of their features as well as properties; all over the world each day 13 thousand mattresses are sold in which nearly 33 hundred are only memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are the best mattresses because they have all the features which every single person need in their daily life. The basic need of every person is to have sound sleep at night without facing any kind of problem and memory foam mattresses are considered to deliver the best sleep to people. The level of comfort as well as the level of support is balanced in such a way that people can have the best sleep at night. When memory foam mattresses are compared with other mattresses, memory foam mattresses always win; no other mattress can match that level of comfort and support.

 Many people face regular pain in their body when they wake, some feel back pain, some feel upper back pain, some feel lower back pain, some feel neck pain, some feel regular shoulder pain in their body this is just because of their old mattresses, their old mattresses lack to provide support to the body which results in the regular body pain. When individuals go to the doctor to cure this pain doctors recommend them to change their mattress and should purchase a mattress which provides extra support to them while sleeping, so they can wake fresh and energetic in the morning. There are many cases across the globe in which people didn’t purchase a new mattress for them, which resulted in hospitalization and regular medicines for a minimum of 3 months. So it is always advisable that people should replace their mattress when it does not provide support to the body and a memory foam mattress is the best mattress which people can purchase for them to have sound sleep at night.

 If any individual faces any kind of problem while purchasing a new mattress or they have any kind of doubt then they should simply visit mattresses site, mattresses site guide people to purchase best mattresses for them as well as those sites also expand the knowledge of the people not only in mattresses but also in the mattresses products also, people can purchase best mattresses products also if they don’t know which mattress product will be better for them. Reviews of the best memory foam mattresses are available on many sites on the internet, which expands knowledge therefore memory foam mattresses have all the qualities which a mattress should have. If people want to purchase a memory foam mattress from the store then they can also purchase, salesman will guide them and will help them to have the best mattress for them, people can select the various size of the mattress in which they are comfortable and which mattress will be suitable for them.